Treatment of Asthma by Using Hijamah: A Case Report

The patient’s name is G.A, a female, aged 37. She had been suffering from asthma. She took inhalers only when needed. She had back pain and pain in the chest area due to asthma. She had a weak bladder. Her general muscle tone and posture were also poor.
G.A had Hijama a few months back, and as a result of previous session her asthma was better than before. But she still had some mild wheezing at night now.
In the 1st session, I used fixed cluster cupping on the patient’s body to assess the toxins. I also did massage cupping on her back. At the time of second session, the patient’s lung points were very dark. After the session, her asthma was better and she had only mild wheezing at night. I advised her to cut down sugary drinks and to drink water instead.
Over a period of six treatment sessions, I performed hijama therapy on her neck sunnah point and lung points on the patient and as a result, the patient felt lighter, better and active than before. I advised her to take black seed oil with milk. Later,  I worked on secondary hijama points to boost her immune system. I  worked on tailbone area, back of the legs, middle thighs, calves, and the inner ankles and advised the patient not to eat bananas and oranges at night. By the third treatment, the patient had no wheezing that week.
She only felt aches and pain in her legs and shoulders. So, in the 4th session, I did massage cupping on the back, on the muscles of the chest, arms and legs. As a result, the patient.


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